So far, yet so close to love and peace.

It seems that death, violence and destruction are so much more closer to us. News of lives lost in Paris, Mali, Syria and Nigeria remind us of the brevity of life and the perilious, conflict prone world we live in. In fact, last year it was reported that of the 162 countries in a global peace survey, only 11 we seen to be involved in little or no conflict! It may seem that peace is so far from the reality of our existence!

It doesn’t take much to incite hatred, it could be religion, sexual orientation, race or even education, as people we tend to find more reasons to hate than to love.

Apostle Paul gives sound advice in Romans 12:18

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

These are wise words to live by and quite honestly they are safe words to live by. It may seem almost impossible to achieve, but even though peace and love may seem elusive to us, it’s closer than we think. The God of all peace promises never to leave us (Deuteronomy 31:6) and we know that he is the very embodiment of love itself.

Trouble, aka satan is roaming the streets looking for someone to devour, we must live in hope that being of a peaceful disposition should repel trouble.

There’s enough hatred out there to last a life time, we must be a light to the earth, stand out in our words and deeds so much so that every incitation of evil and hatred that flares us around us, will be doused by our peaceful temperament.

So as the world looks on in horror at the actions of a select few, let us keep our heads, stoic and determined to spread the peace, hope and joy Christ died for.

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