Speaking Up


God’s presence is something we may never fully comprehend or experience here on earth.
As our church explores the relevance and importance of thePresence of God through the month of October I suspect we’ll only scratch the surface of what this means.

The Bible is riddled with evidence of God’s prensence it speaks overtly about the power of it, the provision from it, the deliverance it brings and the peace and joy within it… Undoubtedly we need God’s presence.

We need to have it and take His presence with us everywhere we go so we can be like Mordecai who was able to speak up for the Jews. Let’s desire more than a visitation of God but rather to dwell with him so that we can make petitions for those around us, we can be useful to Him in establishing his Kingdom here on earth.

Dwelling in God’s kingdom hinges on having a relationship with him, not being an acquaintance of God but family. Mordecai was His representative in the Persian Kingdom and was able to speak on behalf of his chosen people.

So we don’t have to depend on torches to speak on our behalf, let’s get right with God and dwell in his presence that we may live purposes driven lives where divine destiny is fulfilled.

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  1. God prensence means alot in our life

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