The Peter Pan Syndrome

The Peter Pan syndrome

peter pan

The Peter Pan Syndrome  is a refusal or a reluctance to push forward and grow [spiritually]. I borrow this phrase from a Texas Tech student, Roy Long who wrote an opinion piece for Fox News. In his article he points out the perils of twenty-something year olds wasting their lives in the pursuit of fun and entertainment, he advises;

‘…taking responsibility is a good thing. It makes us more capable individuals. We might find that happiness does come from successfully providing for those dependent on us. Young adults need to learn to put the pursuit of fun and entertainment on the bottom of the totem pole, below family, responsibility and personal development.’

As Living Word Centre launches its youth outreach ministry, Revived those words resonate with me.  All ready in the group are young people determined to grow, ready to do something about the issues and challenges they see around them and step up to be the change they want to see.

With the tendency to be selfish and self preserving we are all at risk of developing Peter Pan Syndrome, I don’t think anyone is immune from it. That said we can all do something about it. There’s a cure – Taking responsibility. Taking action. Around us is a world that’s in need of a solution. Everyone can name problems plaguing our society; poverty, homelessness, gang crime, child abuse and exploitation, human trafficking – to name a few. Yet in our silos, we bury our head in the sand, gathering occasionally to bemoan the perils of our time. Truth be told, all it takes is one. One person prepared to identify a need and be the solution for it.

There’s also the danger of over doing things. Ambition is great. Getting an education, well paid jobs, owning a home – all great things to have in life, and not against His will, but we must ask ourselves– is this the sum of our lives?

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? Matthew 16:26

 Let’s look within, and order our priorities so our lives count, so we invest our efforts and our time on things of eternal value, that have lasting impacts for generations to come. It’s not un-ambitious to start small, to pick a thing and go with it. If in your heart you know you have something to offer, be a part of Revived where spiritual growth and peer accountability and youth mentoring are the spring board to launching you into a lifetime of being a catalyst for change in your world.


Celebrate with us at the launch of Revived

Theme: Be the Change

27th February 2016 at Living Word Centre

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